I just keep thinking about all the new fans in years to come. All these people who will never know them as we’ve known them, as 9, as SNSD. All these people who’ll look back at old MV’s and wonder who that ninth girl is, where did she go, what happened to her…. All of these people who won’t know our Ice Princess the way we’ve come to know her. I don’t think I can keep the tears in any longer…

"I’m going to be depressed all day at work about the whole Jessica situation, and the worst part about it is I won’t be able to explain it to anyone there. No one there would understand how serious this is."
- (via niggas-in-korea)

Let me tell you something ...


Listen and listen good because some of you can’t seem to accept the reality of the situation when it is indeed very clear. Jessica did not want to leave, she may have had plans to halt her activities with the group for a while in order to further her business but she did NOT want to leave.



I want to dream forever with you,

I’ll cherish the wonderful memories you have made in my heart .

In my heart theres 9, forever

 Right now it’s Girls’ Generation , From now on it’s Girls’ Generation , Forever Girls’ Generation